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Sylhet ভ্রমন এর জন্য তথ্য 2021

সিলেট ভ্রমন গাইড…

Sylhet (Bengali: সিলেট) is a metropolitan city in northeastern Bangladesh. It is the administrative seat of Sylhet Division. Located on the north bank of the Surma River at the eastern tip of Bengal, Sylhet has a subtropical climate and lush highland terrain. The city has a population of more than half a million, and is one of the largest cities in Bangladesh after Khulna, Chittagong and Dhaka. [1] Sylhet is one of the most important spiritual and cultural centres in Bangladesh. Furthermore, it is one of the most economically important cities in the country after Dhaka and Chittagong. The city produces the highest amount of tea and gas in the country.

In Benga, Sylhet has been called as Srihôṭṭô (in Bangla : শ্রীহট্ট) or Srihatta since the ancient time in the Bengali and regional Siloti language. The name Sylhet is an anglicisation of Shilhot (শিলহট). Its origins seem to come from the Sanskrit according to the words of শিলা śilā (meaning stone) and হট্ট haṭṭa (meaning marketplace). These words match the landscape and topography of the hilly region. The shila stones were abundant across Sylhet and the King Gour Govinda is known to have used stones to guard his capital. The word had changed to Shilhot due to the elision of letter-final  in the Bengali language.

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